vps.epas - Pension Symposium and Pension Market Trade Fair


    Thursday, 15. June 2023

With this initiative, vps.epas is underlining its commitment to a decentralised second pillar managed on the basis of social partnership and helping management bodies to undertake their continuing professional development in a consolidated and efficient way. For many foundation boards, the Pension Symposium has become a firm fixture on the annual training and development calendar. 

The Pension Market Trade Fair will take place at the same time, offering stakeholders a current market overview of 2nd pillar service providers.

The 2,300 - 2,500 visitors will receive suggestions for their pension scheme and can visit a maximum of providers as well as lectures of the Pension Symposium within two days. 

Target audience

The Pension Symposium and Pension Market Trade Fair are aimed at:

  • Pension fund representatives such as members of boards of truestees, managing directors, pension fund employees
  • CEO's and CFOs of companies adressing the issue of occupational
  • Pension fund experts
  • Auditors
  • Brokers

Recognised further training

By attending the Pension Symposium on 8-9 June 2022 and taking advantage of the seminars on offer, you can earn valuable training points awarded by the Stiftung Eigenverantwortung, the Swiss Chamber of Pension Actuaries SKPE/CSEP, the Swiss Association of Actuaries SAV/ASA, the CFA and Cicero. Additionally all board of trustee members receive a corresponding vps.epas certificate of further training.

In order to receive the advanced training credits and certificate, you are required to attend the Penison Symposium for at least five hours per day.


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