Complementa AG

Complementa assists pension funds in matters of financial and organisational management since 1984. We exclusively represent the interests of our clients and point out risks, alternatives and optimisation potential. We advise on the investment strategy (ALM), investment principles, investment organisation and manager selection in all asset classes. We review and assess the performance of appointed asset managers and support the decision-making process through meeting attendance. Thanks to the consolidation of all assets and level-appropriate investment reporting, investors are always able to maintain an accurate overview, even in times of market turbulence.

Our flexible services include investment consulting & controlling, reporting, ALM studies, securities and financial accounting as well as ESG services. To this end, around 60 experienced employees as well as top-class tools, databases and peer groups are available.  Once a year, we conduct the pension fund study «Risk Check-up». All participating pension funds benefit from an individual analysis free of charge.

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