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Netcetera AG

Netcetera is a global software company with cutting-edge IT products and individual digital solutions in the areas of Pension, Financial Technologies, Digital Banking, Secure Digital Payment, Publishing, Mobility, and Healthcare. Netcetera combines substantial industry knowledge with excellent technology expertise, taking into account the high requirements for security, compliance, and stability in the financial industry. As a result, a majority of Swiss financial institutions rely on its solutions in mobile banking and payment. As one of the few large software providers with a 25-year track record in the Swiss fintech industry, Netcetera also takes the pension sector to the next level of digitalization. As an end-to-end solution in the SaaS model, the completely digital administration system P40 covers the entire business processes of pension providers including the digital channels to insured persons and employers. Netcetera's powerful product enables pension providers to transform into a future-proof digital administration.

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