PPCmetrics AG

As a leading investment consulting company, we have been advising investors in Switzerland and abroad for more than 30 years. Our clients are institutional investors such as pension funds, public and private employee benefits institutions, foundations and non-profit organisations, insurance companies, enterprises and family offices as well as wealthy individuals.

Our services cover the entire investment process: We support our clients in all questions relating to investments, from the definition of an investment strategy and its implementation to the selection of asset managers and continuous investment controlling.

We offer the following services in particular:

-       Asset Liablity Management (ALM studies)

-       Strategic Asset Allocation

-       Sustainability Concepts

-       Asset Manager Selection

-       Investment Controlling & Consulting

-       Actuarial Consulting

-       Legal Consulting

-       Activity as a pension fund expert

We can provide you with broad peer group comparisons on fees, performance and investment activity as well as on the benefits side of pension funds based on our databases, which include more than 200 institutional investors.

Our solutions are science-based and implementable in practice. Professionalism, client orientation and independence are our top priorities in everything we do.


We look forward to assisting you with projects of any scale!



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